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Wake Up Refreshed: Our Picks for the Best Cervical Pillows

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Adulthood is hard. You begin to be sore and achy all over the place, but one part of your body that is the most prone to pain is your neck. That can happen for various reasons. You may have bad posture, or you sleep poorly at night. Lucky for you, there is a solution to every problem, which is why my recommendation is to invest in one of the best cervical pillows you can afford.

I guess you heard about cervical pillows before. They are pillows that have a particular design. Their purpose is to support your head and neck in the best possible way so that you can rid yourself of neck pain. Many people tried it and had success with the cervical pillow. Studies have been conducted as well, and the cervical pillow is indeed an excellent solution to neck and head pain.

The benefits of using a cervical pillow

If you do not know what to expect from a pillow and what good does it, then pay attention to the list below. There are many advantages to using a cervical pillow, and here are the most notable.

It will relieve muscle strain in your neck. Thanks to its design, the cervical pillow will provide the right amount of support for your neck. By doing that, the muscles will relax, and you will be pain-free.

Are you familiar with those nasty aches at the back of your head? A cervical pillow will fix that too. However, for better results, you must choose the right type. I will disclose the types below.

Your neck will be in the correct position during the night. Most of us have pain in our necks because we do not keep them in the right position during sleep. However, a cervical pillow will fix that for you as well.

Surely, you are familiar with how a stiff neck feels. We all are. For me, it is especially when I sleep with a window open. A cervical pillow, thanks to its design, will prevent that from happening. All you have to do is position yourself correctly before you fall asleep. Your neck will be relaxed in the morning.

A cervical pillow is also recommended for people who suffer from several ailments such as neck sprain or strain, whiplash-type injuries, arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis, and ligament strains. If you have one of those conditions, a cervical pillow will improve the quality of your sleep and life.

Types of cervical pillows

Cervical pillows are usually made of memory foam. We are all familiar with the properties of memory foam. It is excellent at compressing and decompressing the head and neck. Moreover, memory foam is known for its incredible support and ergonomic properties, which will improve the quality of your sleep. 

Choosing the best cervical pillow for you is not difficult. All you need to establish is the sleeping position. Not all cervical pillows are created equal, which means there is a particular type available for every sleeping position. Here are the types I am talking about.

  • Cradle pillows are known to distribute the weight of your head evenly. By doing that, the pressure on your neck and spine will be reduced, which ultimately will eliminate the aches. This type is also ideal for people who snore because the pillow will maintain proper breathing alignment.
  • Neck pillows are designed to provide the best support for your neck’s natural curve. They are ideal for people who sleep on their backs or on their sides. Neck pillows are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body shapes, so not finding one that fits you is impossible.
  • Side pillows are characterized by a curved edge that is lower in the middle and higher on the side. That design provides excellent support and promotes proper neck alignment. What they do is cradle the upper vertebrae with the help of the front edge, which tilts forward. The front curve can also accommodate your shoulders, and you will have an overall comfortable position.
  • Cervical rolls are not only for your neck but for your under-the-head spot, and under the knees (if you have lower back issues,) and you can also put them in the lumbar region to help you with support.
  • Comfort pillows are very a pleasure to sleep on, which is why this type of pillow is designed for comfort only. They look and feel a lot like regular pillows. The only difference is that the comfort pillow features ergonomic support that you cannot find in a regular pillow.

How to choose the best cervical pillow

Choosing a cervical pillow may prove to be a difficult task because you have so many choices at hand. If you feel confused and do not know which one to choose, here is what you should consider:

  • Think about the position in which you sleep most often. That will establish what type of pillow you need. For example, if you are a side sleeper, the best pillows for you are side pillows, neck pillows, and cervical rolls.
  • Buy the perfect fit. Avoid purchasing a pillow that is too large or too small because it will not be able to provide the support you need.
  • Hypoallergenic. Allergies are a common condition, which is why you need to stay away from anything that may provoke you. Hypoallergenic pillows are common as well, and I recommend that you consider buying one.
  • Easy cleaning. I am referring to the pillowcase, of course. Not all models come with a removable pillow case, but that does not make them worse. However, it would be nice to have a cervical pillow with a removable case. That way you can clean it easily. After all, you will be putting your head on that pillow every single night, so it must be clean at all times.

What are the best cervical pillows?

If you are having trouble finding the best cervical pillow for you, don’t worry. I have you covered. I browsed through numerous models to find the best ones and came up with three excellent products that will satisfy the needs of most people. Enjoy!

CR Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain

Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain

The Cr model has a patented design that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. It has a standard size of 24 by 16 inches. As for the thickness, the higher end is 4.7 inches, while the lower end is only 4 inches. The outer cover is made from polyester and Tencel. It is very soft, and you can remove it when you have to wash it. The inside cover is made with a premium jersey fabric that features a ventilation effect. The cover is machine washable, but make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Otherwise, you may end up ruining the pillowcase.

The inside of the pillow features a gel-infused technology memory foam. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified, and it is highly appreciated by people who suffer from chronic pain. If you buy this pillow, you will no longer have to deal with neck stiffness, neck, and shoulder pain, or anything else associated with those conditions. The Cr pillow has a contour wave design that feels firm. It is suitable for people who like to sleep on their back, on their side, or stomach.

This pillow is very safe. It has antimicrobial properties and is resistant to allergens such as dust mites, mold, or any other bacteria. When you receive the pillow, you will feel an awkward smell, but that is just a fresh foam odor. It cannot do any harm, and it will disappear in a few days after you take it out of the package. Just make sure that you air it out a bit.

Get yours at https://amzn.to/421UsJA.

Cradle Me Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

Cradle Me Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

Cradle Me pillow is one of the most popular cervical pillows online. It features high-quality materials that will help you sleep better. It may not be filled with gel, but it has a breathable, orthopedic design. The manufacturer considered that memory foam was enough and used foam of the highest quality. There is no gel. It will take the shape of your head and neck and provide the support you need.

This cervical pillow is suitable for most sleeping positions. It does not matter whether you like to sleep on your back or on your side, the butterfly contour of this pillow features multiple heights that provide ideal support in all the right places. Comfort is not an issue, and you will no longer have neck pain, or shoulder/back pain. Your muscles will relax, and you will be able to sleep like a baby.

Thanks to the orthopedic design, this pillow promotes correct spinal alignment as well. You will be able to sleep deeply without the fear of tension and stress on your back muscles and spine. You will wake up rested and pain-free. Buying this pillow means that your quality of life will be significantly improved.

Check out this product at https://amzn.to/4248fPO.

EasyLife 185 Ergonomic Aloe Memory Foam Pillow

The EasyLife cervical pillow is yet another excellent product. It has a unique heart-shaped design with an ergonomic curvature that will provide the best support for your neck, shoulders, and head. It is suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. If you buy this pillow, you will have the best sleep in your life. It was made to allow air circulation for better breathability. That means you will no longer toss and turn during the night.

The pillow is king-size and measures 25 by 14.5 inches. The higher end is 4.7 inches thick, and the lower end is 4.3 inches. You will get rid of muscle strain, tension, and stress, which ultimately will improve your quality of life. Moreover, you will no longer feel muscle fatigue, you no longer have to wake up tired and with a stiff neck. EasyLife will make sure of that. 

This pillow comes with a removable pillowcase made of cotton. It is highly durable, and you can wash it in the washing machine. Thanks to the high-quality fabric, you will not sweat during the night, which will improve the quality of your sleep. Moreover, the materials used for the manufacture of this pillow will not allow the build-up of dust mites, mold, or other allergens and bacteria.

My recommendation

I have to admit that it was a tie between the EasyLife 185 and the Cradle Me pillow. They are very much alike, and they have pretty much the same features. However, there was an aspect that inclined the balance towards the EasyLife 185 Ergonomic Aloe Memory Foam Pillow. This one has a removable pillow case, while the Cradle Me pillow does not. Moreover, I honestly believe that the EasyLife 185 is one of the best cervical pillows in that price range. I highly recommend it.


I heard a saying not long ago. It went something like this: in life, no matter how much you struggle with money, there are two things you have to invest in. A pair of good shoes and a good bed. Why? Because when you are not in one, you are in the other. And it was right. People must invest in a good night’s sleep. That is where you draw all your energy from. That is why you need to invest in the best cervical pillow you can find. Your life will be better for it.

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